Following God Through Life's Crossroads

Old things have passed away, behold,
all things have become new {2 Cor. 5:17}

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Change, Is there anything more mysterious? So many
of us fervently desire what we don't possess...
If only I were older...If only I were healthy...
If only I were in college...If only I had a job...
If only I had a better job...If only I were married
If only my spouse wouldn't do that...If only we had a
home of our own...If only we didn't live here...The list
is as endless as our desires.

And yet, we fear change...the unknown and the
possibility of failure or disappointment. Our
frequent yearning for something different often clashes with
our fear of change, We can't experience the new
without going through some type of change.

Looking at events that alter or redirect the course of history
can produce a variety of responces. Sometimes
these events horrify us {the Rwandan genocide or the
terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001}, sometimes
they inspire us {the first manned spacecraft that landed
on the moon}, and sometimes they challenge us to action
{the 1960's American civil rights movement or the end
of apartheid in South Africa}. The last response... particularly true in the events of our personal
history. The collected events of our lives mold and shape us,
they ignite the passions that fuel our pursuits,
development, and growth.

Sometimes the wisdom of God is a "no-brainer", and
sometimes the wisdom of God is a "head-scratcher".
It isn't exactly breaking news that God is wiser than
we are. Still, it can be frustrating when He works in
ways that seem counterintuitive.

Is there anything more mysterious than change?
Change impacts us in ways we can't anticipate and
may not understand. This reality is not limited to
technology, cultural values, or politics. There is no more
profound change than when an individual finds hope
and peace in the grace of Jesus.

Father in heaven,
We too are a people of strong emotion and commitment.
Sometimes we cling to the present as if
our lives depended on it, even though our
hearts tell us that we have been made
for something greater than we have
yet experienced. Help us trust Your Son as our
Saviour and as the Lord who can bring us to You.
Your Son died in our place, and we believe
His resurrected life impacts and changes us in
ways far beyond our ability to understand.
Give us the grace to realize that change
does not take You by surprise but is a means
by which You help us to find in You, through
Your Son and Your Spirit, more than our hearts
ever imagined possible!

In His Love!

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