Money Talk

Command those who are rich in this
present age not to be haughty, nor
to trust in uncertain riches
but in the living God.
{1 Timothy 6:17}

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Decisions about the way we spend our money are a
personal matter between us and the Lord and
can be difficult to make. But God hasn't left
us without help. He tells us: "Honor the Lord with
your possessions" {Prov. 3:9}, and "you cannot serve
both God and Money" {Matt. 6:24}.

With such truths in mind, we look further in His word for
help to use money wisely. We find this; 'beware of covetous-
ness" {Luke 12:15}. Another says, " The borrower is servant
to the lender" {Prov. 22:7}. And in 1 Timothy we read, be
"ready to give, willing to share" {8:18}.

Money is a big issue. God, who provides for all our needs,
can show us how to use it to bring Him honor.

Lord, sometimes money and finances are
overwhelming. It's hard to know what decisions
to make, so please lead me and give the wisdom
to use my finances in a way that pleases You.

Never let gold, become your god!

In His Love!

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