Poetry By Timothy E New

Again Jesus spoke to them, saying,
�I am the light of the world.
Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness,
but will have the light of life.�
{John 6:12}

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The Son of Man

Imagine a king who will listen to all,
Already knowing of things to come.
Having a duty to His kingdom,
Teaching of His Father's wisdom
. Already among us who are faithful.
Known is He as the King of the Jews
. His favorite name, the Son of Man.
God sent this king to die for us,
Rising to give His kingdom glory.
Through His blood, our sins are forgiven.
He only asks that we keep His commandments,
Love Him with all our heart, soul, and mind.
This king has seen the dawn of time,
Knowing history of you and me,
Past, present and future
. Eternally present for those who believe.
This gloriful power of infinity
Showed visions of things to come.
Did John write his prophecy
Known as God's Revelation for us to read,
Understand, and grow in our faith?
This new kingdom is to be, so Lord, I wait for thee.

Timothy E. NewAbout Image2011

Solid Rock

Girth, foe battle, takes place, lost
race, thunder by to the eye, deceived
mind wonders.
Eyes trick deplict, who art, upon which
side, armor, truth, faith, "God", a man.
Scared, walls closing in, sit, spin,
drift, transend unto a calm place.
Inst, mind, door upon door, chose,
bewildered, as stuck, pray unto God.
Beseech some help to endure this brutal time,
amongst, mind see flowers upon a path.
Righteous one, trees, fountains, benches
all amog, yet evil tricks, stand rock.
Lord, take this burden!!

Timothy E. NewAbout Image2011

Lost Poem

Tis' I, so lost and forgotten,
written with pride, a message
divine in the writers eye. This
book is open, read me, if you
please. I'm lonely here, if
jumping out could change your
mind, gladly I would. I'm a lost
poem in a book, my message lost,
forgotten, by all, for even my
writer, forgot what to say.

Timothy E. NewAbout Image2011

In The Skies

Some nights are dark
others lambent as a moon shines
. on a special night mars beckons
earth. Appearing as a red star
glorious in essence
. every so many years a colorful
comit traces through our skies
. I love the skies!

Timothy E. NewAbout Image2011

God Mold Me

If God guided my mouth,
I'd be a songbird.
If God touched my eyes,
I could see like an eagle.
If God touched my body,
I'd be forever strong.
If God touched my mind,
I'd be much wiser.
If God touched my hand,
I'd be a writer.
So, God you made me of clay,
to mold me in your way.

Timothy E. NewAbout Image2011

< P align=center>Nature's Sonnet

Lambent sun gone down, vastly dark
comes scary, nightingale sings sweet
empathy, peer twor'd twinkling stars,
incandescently lit, wishing love to
meet. Air still, stint of mist echoes
love's song, crickets join, evoke
inner thought. Time flys, fear of
night disipates, girth of sound glows,
candle's light ingests sweet sapid
mind, freely infiltrates nature's
lustrious sounds.

Timothy E. NewAbout Image2011

Freedom To Write

Creating an image for all
to see, a painted picture
with words, so carefully
written, a energy to share,
showing an impression
forever to bloom on the
pages, colorful force, a
little mystery, tragedy or
love, the splendid heart
of poetry.

Timothy E. NewAbout Image2011

The Railroad Crossings

The never-ending peer pressure,
tempting, compeling, that poor
child, cannot help where he lives.
The rampant acts of violence, drugs
on evry corner, gangs growing with
threats of needed protection, forcing
the needy child to join. Survival is all
he knows, as life and death surround his
very existance. An impossible task, to
teach morals and life's values, to a
child who knows only one way, that is
damaging, to his soul. Love and God's
existance is only a scant thought, but
hardly touchable, to a child as this.
Only a sweet miracle, could change
life in the ghetto.

Timothy E. NewAbout Image2011

Oh Lord

I am unworthy,yet you love.
I sin as a habbit,freely you forgive.
I act foolish,you guide.
I lose my will,you show hope.
I am a mortal,you made a saint.
I forever wonder,how to repay.
I am in debt to Thee,all do freely,
if asked.so humble,proud,filled
with Thy spirit am I yet.
I don't know why you love,forgave
a meer wretch,like me.

Timothy E. NewAbout Image2011

May the Lord richly bless you!

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