Treasures In Heaven

"Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth,
where moth and rust destroy and where thieves
break in and steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures
in heaven, wher neither moth nor rust destroys and
where thieves do not break in and steal. For where
your treasure is, there your heart will be also."
{ Matt. 6:19-21}

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Ever thought about how many things we save and
store? And over the years they lose their value. At
the time they seem important, so we save them. Yet
after a while those once so extra special treasures, no
longer seem all that important. Very little of the things
we store over the years are really all that important.
And as time goes on we learn that material things are
not as precious as the people who have loved us and
filled our lives with joy, they are precious.

Material things have no real value, so we hold what is precious.
Friends, family, the lost soul. Those who touch our lives in a
special way. They are indeed precious to us....yet above
everything and everyone else, our prized possession is Jesus.

Jesus has instructed us to live simple. To build our treasures in
heaven, not on earth. That doesn't mean we can't have things
or live happily. But things on this earth should not replace our
most prized possession, "Jesus".

Where would we be today without the constant unfailing
companionship of His faithful presence, wise and perfect
guidance, merciful patience, comfort, and transforming reproof?
Can we even imagine being without Him.

Lord, help us not to focus on fleeting treasures, but on You,
our most prized possession. The joy of all that is precious,
"Jesus" tops the list!

May the Lord richly bless you!

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