The Value Of Tradition And Ritual

They shall abundantly utter the memory of thy great
goodness, and shall sing of thy righteousness.
{Psalm 145:7}

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We honor and commemorate our Christian heritage by observing
little traditions and rituals that are special to us and to our families.
They are reminders of a past shared and a future anticipated in
the steadfast love of God.

From time-honored holiday traditions to small daily rituals,
such as grace before meals and
prayers and stories before bedtime,
these observances reaffirm our relationship with
each other and with God. They cause us to pause and
reflect upon those things that give our lives meaning.
As we draw together with friends and family members on
these occasions, our love for one another is refreshed and
our spirits are lifted.

Lord, thank You for giving us reason to celebrate. You are truly the
God of all hope. You bring happiness and fulfillment to our lives.

All the ends of the world
Shall remember and turn to the Lord,
And all the families of the nations
Shall worship before You.
{Psalm 22:27}

In His Love!

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